Sunday, December 30, 2018

Our Slips at The Wharf

It Begins!

We closed on our slip which ended up being two slips when it was all said and done.   We were planning to buy a 55 ft. x 18ft wide slip at The Wharf in League City, TX.  However, the guy who was selling us this slip also owned the one right next to it.  He gave us a deal on the second so we now have two of them.   Our second slip already has a long time renter that covers all of our expenses for both slips (HOA, Taxes and Insurance).   

We are allowed to build in our skips so eventually we will build a small dock area behind the boat for sitting around, barbecuing, etc..    

What is great for us is that we now will never have to pay for docking which can run into the many hundreds of dollars per month.   Water and pump out are included.   We do have to pay for our electricity. 

We own the slips where the smaller (35 foot) boat is moored and the empty slip right next to it.  Our new (new to us) Carver will go in the slip to the right.

Dock 20 - Slips 11 & 12 at The Wharf.  Each are 55 feet long and 18 feet wide.

La Bella Donna at our dock

Pictures from around the hood (okay the marina)

And we even have amenities.....

A swimming pool, showers, laundry and even mail delivery!